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Our Pledge to Customers

We believe it is our job to offer every customer our:

* Best Inventory
* Best quality for style and material
* Best service
* Best knowledge of assembly needs
* Best knowledge of maintenance needs
* Best attention to your needs

These add up to ACCURATE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY as  your best source for fasteners.

James S Saracini
Accurate Industrial Supply
6647 W. 99th Street
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

708-422-7442 (fax)

About Us

After 58 years in the business, we are well-known a reliable supplier for the needs of our industrial, and maintenance service customers in the Chicago area.   We take pride in our ability to meet customers’ needs for all kinds of parts from the ordinary to the exotic.  We also specialize in matching old style, often hard-to-find parts such as large scale nuts and bolts.


Working with our own large inventory and reliable suppliers cultivated over the years, we are also in a position to offer you excellent pricing and prompt service.

Generally, our substantial local inventory includes head screws, nuts, washers, socket and set screws, self-drillers, anchors, ties and clamps, plus toglets and nail-ins.  In addition, we stock the hardware items you need including hose clamps, roll pins dowel pins blind rivets, eye bolts, s-hooks, bevel washers, malleable washers and tee nuts.

If we don’t have it, one of our manufactures is ready to ship overnight

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